• Online Edition dates: June 1st - 30th, 2021
  • 1month-International Short Courses in Partnership with industries and/or organizations in the related field of study
  • 100 Teaching Hours of: virtual classes, specific lectures given by leaders of the chosen field of study, webinars and project work
  • Optional Internship Programs available for successful students
  • Business English Class for the chosen field of study
  • Classes taught in English


Gain professional and targeted training on a specific subject, and acquire the practical skills to enter the job-market with the right techniques and vision. Short Courses at SSML are designed for students and young professionals who wish to learn a specific topic in depth and be immediately ready to use these educational tools  on the ground.

SSML Short Courses, taught entirely in English,  are all organized in partnership with organizations and companies related to the specific field of study in order to offer participants  total immersion in their chosen field and the unique opportunity to study directly in the context in which they would like to work. This system  gives participants an understanding of the real needs of the industries and  allows for an increase in personal connections with industry leaders and organizations.

Due to the increasing demand for job-specific profiles, SSML offers the following International Short Courses: