The course, taught entirely in English, is designed to be practical and interactive and to give students the opportunity to immediately enter the job market as professionals with the most important skills required by the new market trends in the merchandising and buying field.

Thanks to a practical and interactive teaching methodology, participants will be able to analyze and exploit the opportunities that emerge from national and international scenarios and markets, understand consumer behavior, make commercial decisions and develop the skills and abilities necessary to build a range of profitable garments for wholesale, retail or online sales.

The didactic of this master program has been designed to explore all the most important concepts of this very particular and ever-changing sector.  Special topics will be addressed to give students the opportunity to become professionals capable of following the entire development of a project or an idea, from the analysis of the opportunities, to the planning of strategies and budgeting, up to the operative and commercial stages.

Another important strength of the Master Program in International Buying and Merchandising is the internship program, which is offered to each participant to successfully complete the study-path.


  • TYPE

    Master Program with:

    • mandatory internship
    • fulltime
    • 450 teaching hours PLUS internship program
    • Interactive teaching methodology with webinars, special lectures and activities (itinerant classes, if in presence / guest lectures given from professional and industry leaders of the sector, if online / project work based on the industry needs and expectations)

     Training on-the-job:

    • 3 months of tutored internship in Italy or abroad

    Master Program

    Program Dates: January 17th, 2022 - May 2nd, 2022

    Attendance: from Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm with 1-hour lunch break

    Internship Program: 3 months – starting by 3 months after the end of the program.


    Classes will begin with e-learning formula in September to be face-to-face when it will be possible according to the Covid-19 restrictions. Students will have the possibility to choose to come to Florence for in-presence classes when the health emergency will be solved or, if they prefer, they will be allowed to continue their study-path online.

    In-presence classes will be held in Florence, Italy.

    The course will be held at the Grand Hotel Minerva, a first class, 4-star hotel located in Florence's historic city center in fully equipped rooms and with access to hotel services such as free WIFI and a Hotel Lounge Bar.


    The course is entirely taught in English.


    Undergraduate or graduate students and young professionals looking to become experts in the sector of merchandising and buying. A minimum of B2 level of English language is required to attend the course.


    Attendance is mandatory. At the end of the course, participants who have attended at least 80% of the classes, will receive the Master Certificate in International Merchandising and Buying and will have access to the internship program.


    The course is limited to 20 participants | Application deadline December 15th,2021.

    To enroll in the course please send your CV and cover letter to We will contact you within 24h after having received your application to propose 3 date and time options to schedule your zoom / skype interview.

    3 days after the interview, you will receive a formal communication via email from the school to inform you if you have been admitted to the course


    Participants will develop the key-skills necessary to work within this fast-paced industry at an international and managerial level as International Merchandisers, International Buyers, Marketing Strategists, International Business Developer, Product Development Specialists and Trend Forecaster Specialists.

    Course fee: € 11.000 + Current Italian VAT (22%)

    The Admission Interview is free of charge.

    If a participant is admitted to the course he/she will receive a confirmation email that includes the payment information. Should you need any additional information about payment methods, before sending your application, please contact


    Professors are professionals and experts in the field. A professional leader of this innovative and fast-changing sector will give special lectures to provide participants with the most up-to-date topics and will also work closely with participants to offer their tutoring for the creation of a winning CV and the development of a focused personal project.

    The course also includes an English language class specifically designed for future Merchandisers and Buyers.

    Course programme:


    • Principles of Buying and Cost Planning
    • Consumers Behavior
    • Principles of Buying and Cost Planning
    • Consumers Behavior
    • Trends Analysis and Forecasting
    • Sustainability, Ethics and Human Resources
    • Buying Strategies for different sectors: from supply chains to luxury goods
    • Understanding the Product Life-Cycle and The Consumer Target
    • Merchandising Strategies
    • English language for professionals working as Merchandising and Buying Managers
    • Final Dissertation
    • Project work 


    Fieldtrips and Itinerant Classes (If attendance will be in presence)

    Several trips and itinerant classes will be organized during the Master Program. These activities are fundamental in order to learn directly from the inside of businesses and develop practical skills to learn how to effectively manage the many aspects of merchandising and buying methods and strategies.

    Professors will lead participants through this experiential learning system by taking them to the most significant companies in Florence that are taking advantage of the most innovative merchandising strategies.

    The Master in International Merchandising and Buying offered by SSML is geared towards students who would like to be ready to immediately enter the job-market. This intense and interesting program will teach students how to be aware of the real needs and expectations of consumers, understand the product life cycle, learn about new trends and acquire the ability to forecast the next strategies through a perfect understanding of the development of the industries.  


    Special Activities and Guest Lectures (e-learning formula)

    SSML will guarantee the opportunity to learn the insights of the industries of the sector of the Master Program even with the e-learning formula.

    Special Guest Lectures and virtual events will be organized to gift participants with one of the most important learning-tool: the direct and practical experience.

    Professors, professionals of the sector and keynote speakers will be at the center of the training giving to students the possibility to learn the real necessities and visions of the industry and to be able to develop projects based on requirements of the job-market.

    Moreover, virtual fieldtrips will be organized hosting events directly inside the most important industries realities of the field.