• International Master Program with internship, fulltime
  • 450 teaching hours PLUS 3 months internship program
  • Classes will begin with e-learning formula in September to be face-to-face when it will be possible according to the Covid-19 restrictions. Students will have the possibility to choose to come to Florence for in-presence classes when the health emergency will be solved or, if they prefer, they will be allowed to continue their study-path online.
  • Teaching Hours: 450 interactive contact hours which includes: webinar, labs, project work and lectures.
  • Business English Class for the chosen field of study
  • Training on-the-job: 3 months of tutored internship program in Italy or abroad
  • Program Date: September 6th, 2021 - December 21st, 2021
  • Where: Online and/ or Florence, Italy


SSML International Master Programs are entirely taught in English, planned to be practical and interactive, to give the possibility to students to immediately enter the job market as professionals with the most important skills required from the new market trends of the chosen field of studies.

Participants, thanks to a practical and interactive teaching methodology, will be able to analyze and exploit the opportunities that emerge from national and international scenarios and markets, understand the insights of the sector of their interest and develop the skills and abilities to implement innovative strategies and solution during their career path. 

A fundamental aspect of SSML International Master Programs is the internship offered to each participant that will successfully complete the chosen study-path. Internship Programs will be offered thanks to the many and various collaborations and connections of SSML Career Office with National and International Organization, Companies and Industries. 

SSML International Masters have been designed based on the real needs of the job-market and, due to the latest trends and the most up-to-date market analysis SSML have chosen to offer the following Master Programs to a maximum of 20 students: